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Workshops - that address specific needs
Humor - for the psycho-spiritual “path”
Metaphor of Psycho-Spiritual Navigation …some interesting examples
Integral Living—Theory and Practice - A “Greater Holistic” Approach that addresses all dimensions of human experience and health.  
Spiral Dynamics - an integral perspective of the human psycho-social development of cultures as organized around values. This “map,” which shows humanity past, present, and suggests future consequences, applies to whole societies, sub-systems (such as your local community or workplace), as well as you as an individual. It can help explain why you and your parents, or certain friends don’t get along, why you vote the way you do…
Books and General Resources

Safety First
Addressing self defense strategies, facing fear, and our perception of confrontation. Highly recommended. Please see for more information.

Sex, Passion, & Enlightenment
Understanding our masculine and feminine essences, masculine clarity and feminine fullness, learning how to greatly enrich your current relationship or manifest the gifts and insights to create one for yourself. Based on the work of David Deida, participants learn more about themselves, their male/female counterparts, and the distinctions between Dependent, 50%/50% relationships and "Intimate Communion." Very Highly recommended. Please see or for more information.

Enlightenment Intensives...
are a specific contemplative practice where a monastic-like disciplined environment is created and participants often break through layers toward freedom, even direct spiritual experiences. Enlightenment Intensives are useful for anyone serious about their spiritual life, regardless of religious leanings. Highly recommended. See Workshops/Intensives page.

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For enlightening irreverence...
Swami Beyondananda: and

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Metaphor of Psycho-Spiritual Navigation
Continuing the metaphor of psycho-spiritual exploration, navigation and the use of maps, the following are examples of the use of:
  • Symbols to direct us:

  • Story to orient us: (click on Multimedia Area, then select Memewalk Teaching)

  • Song to guide us: Coming soon

  • Poem as guide:

  • Model to understand the territory: (More elaborate “model” with great illustration on pages 23 -25: ... ialogue_2nd_Ed_June_2002bw.pdf )

  • Mythology: Special Note: Joseph Campbell was a great scholar of mythology as conveyor of deeper truths. See “Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth” for wonderful coverage of this subject.)

  • Mythology as teacher: Example: Sorry, but it turns out that the story of the “Hundredth Monkey” is a modern myth that does, indeed teach us a profound truth. Rather than actually demonstrating the “spontaneous transmission of ideas” the actual occurrence among the monkeys studied did exemplify “the propagation of a paradigm shift.” See

  • Theory to map some aspect of the territory: (a) illustrated version of spiral dynamics integral (Roll cursor over text on right-hand side for details. Note that this depicts humanity from origin—at bottom-evolving to present and future—at top.)
    (b) Written version of same theory:

  • Philosophy to chart the territory: Coming soon

  • Religion to create reference points and provide direction: (Religions get rather complicated with numerous charts and paths within each religion. This example only shows a portion of one religion.)
Remember, the map is not the territory!
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Intregral Living - Theory and Practice
Integral Theory -A greater "holistic" approach.
A call to understand both our private, inner world; the private, inner worlds of others; the inner/outer world I share with another; the inner/outer world we share collectively; the outer, "objective," physical world around us; and to believe the connected-ness of them all. The inclusion of seemingly opposites that ultimately comprise a wonderful symphony. The integration of everything: Integrity in its most inclusive form.

"Integral" means "inclusive, balanced, comprehensive." The Integral approach may be contrasted to other methods-mythic, rational-scientific, pluralistic-which, as they themselves announce, exclude other approaches as being inferior. They are thus, by definition, partial and incomplete. These latter methods, although widely accepted and dominant in the world's cultures, tend to generate partial analysis and incomplete solutions to problems. As such, they appear less efficient, less effective, and less balanced than the Integral approach."

~ beginning of text for

Great overview and summary:

Great site for multiple disciplines and contemporary applications: (requires Adobe Reader)


.the following is at least a partial window into an Integral view:
"Holding space and being an activist are two ends of a spectrum, and attempting to do both at the same time usually gets you in trouble, if not in schizophrenia. But the ends of the spectrum are always connected, and at any given time we (certainly I) find ourselves somewhere along the way. If my intent is to Open Space, I must let go as much as possible all thoughts of action, and a 14,000,000,000 year perspective can be very helpful. And when I choose to act, I must do so with every ounce of passion and talent at my disposal, even though I take up a lot of space. And the 14 billion year perspective is still helpful. I am still a blip, and a very small one at that."
~ Harrison Owen, originator of Open Space.
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Spiral Dynamics
Spiral Dynamics is a wonderful "map" of humanity. It is contains much accuracy and, hence, is very powerful in terms of compassion for all of humanity, insight into what is healthy for humans on the whole, and understanding values perspectives of all people and how to hold a meta-values perspective for humanity. What does all this mean? Because it is a "meta-model," meaning that it draws other established insights and knowledge together, it demonstrates the "hows" and "whys" of human social values, how whole cultures evolve, and even how we develop as individuals.

Spiral Dynamics is one of the most powerful and compassionate "maps" of humanity and, alas, it is still just a "map," a theory. But if you can maintain that perspective it can be quite helpful.

I encourage anyone who wants to better understand themselves, their family or friends, theirs or another culture, or humanity as a whole to check it out.

See, and for "colors of thinking" for "evolutionary theory of culture and consciousness" (you will need to set up 10 free use.use it wisely)

Highly recommended.a short video with music and sound that gives a feeling state overview: find interactive material and click on "memewalk."

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Books & General Resources
Emotional Intelligence, Depth, and beyond...A Whole New Mind
"The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind--creators and empathizers, pattern recognizers, and meaning makers," says author Daniel Pink, and I have to agree. In his book, A Whole New Mind, Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age, Pink discloses "...the six essential aptitudes--what (he calls) "the six senses--on which professional success and personal satisfaction will increasingly depend. Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play, (and) Meaning." Pink powerfully uncovers and narrates for us powerful insights of humanity and social trends that we need today.

He sees the "six senses" as being of two camps: "high concept" and "high touch." He says, "High concept involves the capacity to detect patterns and opportunities (&) to create artistic and emotional beauty, to craft a satisfying narrative, and to combine seemingly unrelated ideas into something new. High touch involves the ability to empathize with others (&) to understand the subtleties of human interaction, to find joy in once's self and to elicit it in others, and to stretch beyond the quotidian in pursuit of purpose and meaning."

Read his book, A Whole New Mind published by Riverhead Books and visit his web site at: to find yourself and others more whole.
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